It what can only be described as the most unconventional tournament in Cedar Club history, the amazing mind of Summer Paddle Commissioner Dan Einhorn, with help from his daughter Anna, concocted a handicap tournament that amazing, came together without a hitch.

The tournament began at 5pm on Thursday evening with temps hovering around 90 degrees.  18 players found that they had been handicapped from +5 to -4.  Intially perplexed until the ingenuity ensued.  With matches that thad been drawn from a hat, partnered players simply added up their handicaps and did a little math to find out that they may have to start their one-set match four games down… meaning as the opening serve, you might be at -4 to 0 in your match (you’d need to win 10 games to win that set).

The top players (based on games won – set score), advance to final championship tournament play.

Some were disappointed in their rankings, since they now know what Dan really thinks of their game, but throughout the night, the match scores were surprising close.  Kudos to Daniel-san for the novelty.

It is unclear at the time of publishing, which players will move on to the final round to be played the week of 8/29, but reast assured, a summer champion will be crowned.

Update to Tourney, in case you left early,
like Mike Farley did…

Hey all,

Thanks for everyone that participated in summer paddle.  I know I enjoyed myself, but hopefully everyone else enjoyed the experience

For the rest of the summer, we will have open paddle, so there will be no more scheduled matches.  If you are one of those “too good for summer paddle”, you are now welcome to reserve a court and play a match prior to league play….coming soon.

As far as a follow up, congrats to Thomas Lehmann and Matt Moeser for taking home the summer paddle tourney.  If you are not familiar with the format for the tournament, it was a handicapped blind partner tournament where we completed 19 matches in 5 hours.  I had fun, and hopefully others did as well.  There was a favor for the tournament….there is a box on the table.  You are welcome to steal a favor if you are interested.  If you don’t like it…join the Nets bandwagon


Tom Lehmann & Matt Moeser, if you didn’t know