Sure you could read the article about how fantastic of a surgeon Dr. Jost is, but for those of us who have come to regard him as simply a left-handed balls-out competitor on the court — here are the highlights:

• Orthopaedic Surgeon (that’s hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow) at OHOW
• Born with a club foot (apparently, that has been fixed)
• Old doctor who worked on him helped solidify his dream to be a doctor (of paddletry)
• Went to school in Madison, New York, Alabama and Switzerland (that’s a tiny country in Europe, Potokar)
• Patients seem to like him, even though by his own admission, “I’m a fast-moving, fast-talking person.”

TCC Founding member, Eric Arvold had this to say, “I was a bit disappointed the article didn’t mention Patrick is a two-time club champ.”

The rest of us are just happy the good doctor will most likely be on the court when your knee blows out.