Plenty of thanks to go around and a few notes.

  1. Thanks to the owners group for having the vision to purchase this property years ago
  2. Thanks to Brad Schmieding for his tireless work on the schedule and rankings, I mean really, real time rankings!!
  3. Thanks to Dan Einhorn and John Feldbruegge (Big Bear) for running our tournaments
  4. Thanks to those who participate in our annual clean up days in the fall
  5. Thanks to all in case I’ve missed anyone

For those of you that decide to participate in the summer league, Dan will be providing a complete list to Brad and you will be invoiced $150.00 through the normal channels.  Mike Lalonde will be performing the repair on the post and will let you know when court one will be inactive.  Mike will tie wrap the doors shut to keep folks off, ~ 1 week and hopefully before summer league starts.  We will also have the courts closed for light replacement at some point over the summer.  Will keep all posted on that as well.  That’s all for now. 

Have a great summer!!

Dale Borowiak