Finally, after a COVID CANCELLED 2020 Men’s Club Championship, the 2021 Champions will be crowned this weekend!

Tonight, a draft will be held — Dan Einhorn style — which means you’re never quite sure how it will go… but there are sure to be ping pong balls.

Dan sent out a survey to all 44 who signed up to play in this year’s tournament to rank players in groups of 20 (meaning an average was created by those that may have ranked you high, middle  or low). What came out of it was generally a confirmation that the S.H.I.T. system is working… but there were a few surprises. 

Namely, Dan Einhorn (-5), Matt Monroe (-5) and Todd Bentley (-7)  — your fellow players think you’re far better than the system would suggest. Conversely, James Wawrzyn (+11) and T.J. Strachota (+10), you’ve now have something to play for in this year’s tournament!! 

Click image to enlarge…

ABOVE: is the Einhorn Poll.

RIGHT: the S.H.I.T. System as of the start of April.

As a prelude to this year’s championship, an impromptu Saturday morning tournament commenced in late March in a scattergun round robin style competition coined, THE HOBO OPEN. 

Players simply played as many matches as they could in a strict two hour window.  Player with the most wins… wins.  This year’s inaugual champion was Jason Wier with 20 wins.

As part of the festivities, a Court Vision was introduced as a possible alternative to RED ZONE play.  Cameraman’s gonads taking the place of the red flag.  Take a look…

Participants (in no particular order):  Mike Farley, Jason Weir, Pat Laughlin, Pat Jost, Matt Monroe, Chad Bolliger, and two others who have been long since forgotten.