Players who need subs for their weekly matches have been instructed to find their own replacements.  That’s fair… and the method for doing so is pretty simple:


1. Take a look at the matches for the night that you are playing and send out an email to anyone within 20 ranking spots (up or down) from yourself, who’s also playiing that same night.  They’re most likely to take the match since they are already there.

2. If that doesn’t produce results, THEN you locate anyone who is within 20 spots of yourself and email them. (That’s 40 guys)

3. And if that doesn’t work, THEN AND ONLY THEN you ask the entire TCC list. — (i.e. the Duke Rules).


1. They have a life outside of paddle…. unlikely.

2. They are ranked far below your match and don’t think they can rise to the challenge… never happens.

3. They are ranked far ahead of you and think your match sucks.

A word of wisdom from a 20’s ranked player:
Every guy in the club wants to be better.  If you are a stud, everyone wants to play against you. It improves THEIR game. 

And when you’re the stud, playing in a match where you are expected to win (with any player) makes you a better A-player.  This improves YOUR game… or can’t you carry a match?  

Lastly, if you’re a lower ranked player, get in as many matches against stronger players as you can.  You will be forced to improve.  You’ll learn quickly which shots of yours don’t hold up and what parts of your game are actually pretty good. Your ranking may take a hit for awhile, but trust me, it will eventually rise much higher than you expect. 

NOTE: And if you’re 3-time TCC Champion David Brock,  never serve him green eggs and ham — try placing it to his body so that he can’t drive return.