This year the NCAA tournament is operating a little differently. The first day of first round games will be Friday March 19th. Looking to put together a little march madness event at the club for that first day of non-stop games. Cocktails, march madness, a little paddle on the side.

The powers above have blessed this.

Based on numbers and ladder ranges, would love to maybe set up a round robin of sorts – or two separate robin robins if the skill ranges dictate. Format here is 100% fluid – possibility this just ends up as a big open paddle. Just need to see what type of numbers we have. I know a few of you are in already.

My thought was to start this up around 2.  Whatever the case may be – let us know if you want to be in. Move your meetings  …cancel on your dying patients  …no one is working anyway.

— Jon


RSVP — If you’re interested to play, well, you’ll have to convince Bear that you’re worthy.
It is his special day.