Crazy? We think not.

Playing platform tennis throughout the winter may seem cray-cray to some, but for those of us who love the sport, we realize that you can work up a pretty good sweat, even when temps hover around zero…


Womens League leads the way!

TCC Women play on Monday evenings and throughout the weekday with scheduled matches. “We like the cloudy days best, but even a little snow won’t stop us from playing.” said Dr. Holly Lieder.

Exciting ladies match on Open Paddle Saturday!

For years, Saturday’s were filled with plenty testosterone… so super fun to see Jane Westriech, Monica Cadieux, Deb Murphy and Jill Hermes in action.  Keep it up, ladies!

 Men’s League action under the lights in frigid temps

“Never stopped me from showing up,” said Todd Potokar. “Keep moving and you’ll be just fine… a shot of whiskey wouldn’t hurt, either.”

Saturday paddle at 8am – a “perfect” 5 degrees

Todd Potokar, Bob larsen, Mike Farley and Jason Weir got up early and played an awesome four set round robin match.  Larsen (4 wins), Weir (2 wins), Potokar (1 win), Farley (1 win). Said Weir, “Fun matches today. Todd, thanks for setting up!”