Good Morning Gentlemen,


First off, I will not apologize for the Reply All here. After putting in nearly 5 years of blood, sweat, and beatdowns on all of you, the least I am owed is one old school annoying email.

As most of you know, I’m taking my talents to almost South Beach (Orlando) at the end of the month. This decision was brought about by work, family, and knowing I won’t have to see Brock every week anymore. I can imagine the heartbreak and stress many of you are feeling at the thought of losing your reigning state champion and clear best player at the club (sorry Arvy (not sorry Dave)), so let me address a few concerns:


1) I will be back in town a few days per month and maintaining a social membership. I will not miss a Glo-Ball, because, well, f*ck Town Club. So Einhorn can rest easy at night. Just a reminder… Mike and I are 9-0 in the “A” bracket, so we’d appreciate some help bringing the trophy to its rightful home.


2) Will I still be able to play paddle?/Are there courts in Orlando? Yes. The only courts in Florida are in the Villages, so I will be playing with a bunch of old farts who can’t move anymore. Basically, it will be exactly the same as the last 5 years.


3) Who will keep Brock’s ego in check now? There’s an up-and-comer named Michael Johnson to keep your eye on. He has an APT Tour page (see here:, so just give him a year or two and some advice on how to play the screens, and you’ll have my replacement.


4) Will I ever come back? Only time will tell, but possibly. At the very least, I will be a younger, better Rick Remnitz; showing up just enough to keep the legend alive.


Now, if you’ll allow me to be sincere for a moment: The Cedar Club is a top 3 “thing I will miss” about Wisconsin, for many of the reasons Dan outlined in his Fall Classic recap. As Duke likes to say, this place causes a complete mental 180 during the winter months. You go from hating the cold to looking forward to paddle season. As a new dad, The Cedar Club was the only item on my list of non-negotiables. I will wipe poop and get spit up on 6 days/week, but Thursdays are for paddle. I hope you all appreciate what we’ve got here and keep it going for a long time to come.

With all that said, I’m coming out on Tuesday night (22nd) for Open Paddle. If anyone wants to stop by for one final socially distanced elbow-bump, please do. I’m also bringing a buddy who’s interested in joining. He’s never played before, so if some of you newbies came out and showed him a good time, that would be awesome. Per our board’s wishes, we’ll keep things outside as much as possible. Looking forward to a good night.


See you then,


— Andrew