Will Brock win his first Fall Classic? Or bomb out in a fit of rage?

Just minutes ago, the 2020 Fall Classic Draft was completed both in person (at the TCC) and online (via Zoom) with an almost socially distanced standing room only crowd, while a dozen Zoom participants followed along.

Master of Ceremonies, Dan Einhorn, lead the way in a bottom-up tournament — where the bottom ranked players got to choose their partner. Key to the selection, was a ping pong ball shootout to see which player would get the number one pick in the draft.  With 34 players participating, but only two from the top 10 at the club, the no.1 draft spot might hold the very key to victory.

As the video above shows, the closest to the “pin” would select first, no matter that Dan’s highly trained dog, Sammy, was often in the way and may have had a hand (or a paw) in the selection.

Newcomer Travis Murphy won the honors and chose the obvious David Brock (a 3-time TCC Club Champion — however, he has never won the Fall Classic).  It was hinted that Murphy’s position in the bottom five may have been a critical oversight (or downright deception) as it was learned that Mr. Murphy is a rather accomplished tennis player, recently turned paddle player.

Once the draft had cleared, then it was time for the tournament draw… by hat, of course, where, for the first time, players could select their own spot in the tournament bracket.  The team of Ben Haddorf and John Tokarz was pulled from the hat, but with neither being present, the only logical place to assign them was the only “play-in” match at 8am on Saturday morning. They better aclimate quickly to the early time and the possible 4 inches of snow predicted against their opponent, Todd Potokar and Andy Garni.

Einhorn is yet to weigh in on the odds for the tournament, but by anyone’s standards, the team of Brock/Murphy is certainly the odds on favorite.

Need to print out the newly UPDATED bracket?  Or just take a peek because the commissioner won’t let you see his scribbled on bracket in the clubhouse?

HERE YOU GO > Fall Classic.Bracket.121020