OK…We are in Tourney week…..

Here is how it is going to work

The draft is on Wednesday.  We will start around 9:30pm

The bottom half of the draw will pick their partner in order of ranking.

You can choose whomever you want from the top of the draw

If you are not present, I will pick for you

After the draft, we will have a lottery for you to pick your spot in the draw.  The order will be determined by Ping Pong balls shot at a target…yeah baby!!

We will be starting at 7:30 AM on Saturday

You will have at least 2 matches

All matches in the main draw are 2 out of 3 sets.  In the consolation it will be a 9 game pro-set.  If you are the B player, you will get 2 serves

The cost is $60

You will like the gift (and if you don’t I have some extra boxer shorts that you can substitute)

We have 38 people in….All are on this email.  If you are receiving this email you are IN… If you decide to drop from here on out, you are required to find a sub.