It’s finally that time of year….

See attached for the first 4 weeks of scheduled matches!  If you are unable to play for any reason, please find a sub. On the last page of the attachment you will find the season starting rankings as well as contact information.

Note, we have quite a few people taking some days off this month.  This resulted in a few matches that have open slots and need players to fill in.   Check the schedule if you are interested, first come first served…. I know there are folks that are willing to play so I didn’t force any BYE’s.

There is one key change to the scheduling program that I want to highlight.  Matches are now scheduled using your last name as opposed to your rank.  This means that if you are at the club and need to adjust who is playing in a match within the scheduling system there is no need to know their current rank…. simply type in the last name and the associated player rank will automatically populate.  This change allows the added visibility of displayed rankings automatically updating each and every week based on points gained or lost in the previous week. 


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Viewable PDF of schedule:

wk1-4 Oct 6-29