Calling it clean, is, of course, to the average male slob standard, but still — it’s highly improved over what you would have found the club to be just yesterday.  That said, we had a dozen or so guys come out today to get the grounds, the courts and the garage spruced up. 

Thank you to all who lent a little muscle to each task!!!

Getting ready for the Fall Paddle Season is crucial to all members.  Clean Up Saturday (today) is a time to tackle all of the jobs that should be done on a regular basis, but hey, we’re guys, so we leave it as a “once a year” thing.

Even the pizza cutter. 🙂

So before you criticize the four oversized bottles of ketchup in the fridge, the lack of real sanitation in the bathroom or a few stray weeds unpulled, know that a group of hard working men took time away from their golf games to make your paddle experience that much more special.

— You’re welcome!