The Summer Paddle Season gets a new twist this week as Commissioner Einhorn unveils new poker inspired match-ups:

All 8 players who show up for their 6pm matches will draw from two sets of poker chips (blue, black, red and green).  Teams are formed by drawing the same color (2 blues are a team, 2 reds, etc.).  Then, their opponents will be in this format…

Black vs. Blue

Red vs. Green

Then, after the first match of the night, teams will be drawn again (hopefully with a different outcome), while the opponent color match up will stay the same.

“Should liven things up a bit,” said Andy Garni, “besides, you can only play with some guys so many times.  Kinda of hoping for Bayliss on my side.”

Others were more tenuous. Said Chad “Mr. Saturday” Bolliger, “I see some lopsided victories ahead.  Probably not my own.”

Tomorrow night kicks it off, with Haddorff, Mandela, Garni, Jelinski, Bayliss, Potokar, Oakes and Monroe drawing chips.

What if Ben Haddorff and Andrew Bayliss are teamed up?

I smell bagels.