Tom Gelin, a Top 20 Summer paddle player, celebrated his 50th birthday this past Saturday at his lovely home in the Top View Trails sub-dividsion of Cedarburg.  It was a fine turn out with plenty of food, beer and whiskey (supplied by his neighbors and friends).  Too bad so few Cedar Club paddlers showed up to enjoy it.  

Is this a shaming blog post?

Of course it is.

But what makes it more special is that on an Open Paddle Saturday, just two weeks prior, Gelin questioned Summer Paddle’s no. 22 player, Scott Molepske about attending the party.  Molepske, proceeded to dig one of the deepest holes known to man by telling Gelin that he wasn’t sure he could make it and listed no less than six other possible party options available to him throughout the match.  

“I might be able to make it, but I’ve got this cabin in Two Rivers and I could be out water skiing, and there’s this thing with my wife… and then there’s my kids…” Molepske continued.

Gelin begged him to stop, but alas, Molepske persisted in describing how far down on his value meter — the party was to the Man-of-Numbers.  

Todd Potokar, no. 25 on the Summer Rankings list, was dumbstruck, and could only wonder if it was actually possible for Molespke to dig to China.

“It was like Scott was looking to bury Tom’s pride. It was awful.” 

And yet, despite it all, at slightly past 8pm, Molepske arrived at the Gelin party.  

In a gesture worth at least a two dozen Cedar Club members, Molepske not only dug out from his grave, but proceeded to enliven the party with renditions of famous showtunes.

Sadly, Gelin’s glee turned to further sadness, as he could count on one hand how many Cedar Clubbers attended the shindig.

“I had heard that if you were in the Top 20, people would take notice, but I guess when that’s applied to Summer paddle — it means nothing at all.”

Still, in the darkness, a glimmer of hope arose for the birthday boy, as Jason Martone, a Winter Top 20 player, made a splashy entrance at 10pm to take over for Molepske.

Said J-Mart, “The party was great… the camaraderie was great… the bourbon was great.  …who’s party is this, anyway?”