As you know, this past Saturday was our Club Championship.  What you may not know, is that since the closing of the club, I have been working diligently with the APTA and ESPN to conduct the tournament virtually.  For those of you who followed the NCAA tournament this year, you know that Wisconsin brought home the virtual title.  

In that realm, I used the SH*T system along with some subjectivity to play out this years Club Championship.  I took into account past performance in the Club Tournaments, as well as the results of your win-loss record for the season.  Those of you who decided not to post many scores may have been objectively hurt (or helped) by your torpidity.

I won’t go through every match, but you can see how the draw played out in the attached doc….

In the first round, we saw our biggest blowout as our President and Monroe (our top season record at 22-12) easily took care of Provo and Dr. Lucke (15-25 record through the year, and no history of performing well in tournaments… Quick exemption for Dr. Lucke for having to play with me when I was absolutely hammered 2 years ago).  Drake/Poto (17-14) advanced through Moeser/Garni (11-17) as Chocolate boy found his serve.    Pat and Cowboy  (24-20) made easy work of Creten/Jost (as Dr. J’s 15-7 record could not compensate for Nick 2’s 1-7).   In the closest match of the opening round, R. Cooley/Jenks (17-24) squeaked by Mentz and Doman (18-21), as Jenks past tournament success and Cooley’s serve was just too much

In the round of 16, Brock/Wagner were just too much for our Prez as Brock’s 10-3 record and multiple titles proved too much.  Squirpl/B-Mak (20-14) got a great draw in the first round, as the noon start allowed all hangovers to be cured, and they routed Carlos/Florsheim (12-15).  Tommy/Frenchy (21-15) were unfortunate to draw a fresh Beany/Big Z (14-16) as Beany was all over the court and the lefty serve was too much.  Miles/Showalter (22-29) despite playing the most matches as a tandem by A LOT, couldn’t hold on against Drake/Poto.  The much improved Haddorff/Johnny (20-14) getting ready for summer paddle took down #4 seed Duke/Howley (17-12) in a hard fought 3-setter.  Pat/Cowboy ran out of luck against Fall Championship Winner Oakes and his partner S. Cooley (27-17).  Brogan/Vert (23-14) destroyed Liquor Jerry and me (17-17) as Vert’s 17-4 league record provided Brogan with the best partner he will ever have.  Arvy/Lenny (8-16) just didn’t have enough league success to match Cooley/Jenks who advanced to the quarters.

You can see how the rest of the draw played out.  Very competitive tournament, and congrats to our winners:

Brad Brogan / Martin Vertacnik who took out Brock in the finals…


Thank you all for participating. 


For those who didn’t receive your favor or haven’t paid your entry fee, you can Venmo me at:  SUMMERPADDLEISHAPPENING@TAKECARE.COM

Be safe!