With no less than three doctors on the front lines in the battle against Covid-19 to help advise, the Cedar Club board announced today that the Men’s Club Championship will be “postponed until further notice.”

In short, it ain’t happening.

Said Club President Dale Borowiak, “As much as we wanted to have it, we feel at this time it would not be the right thing to do.”

Tournament Director Dan Einhorn had been working feverishly (pardon the pun) — to put together a multi-day tournament to allow game play, but still limit the number of players at the club to 10 or under to fit within current State guidelines.  

Alas, practicing social distancing (and good citizenship) and running a paddle tournament are a difficult combination to achieve.  Perhaps with a miracle cure, we might yet see Andrew Bayliss become the second player to win both the Fall and Club Championships in the same calendar season since Brett Smith in 2013-2014.

Borowiak did add, that if you are looking to play an open paddle match, that clubhouse usage be very limited (i.e.—no hanging around, grab a ball and a glass of water and that’s about it).

And that is about it.

Stay safe!