OK, so maybe it’s more like 5.

“Winning consolation championships is kind of my thing,” stated Mike Farley, former Cedar Club Champion (2009) regarding his latest “tournament win” with new paddle recruit, Kevin Friend at the 2020 Smack! tournament held on Super Bowl Saturday.

Farley & Friend defeated the formidable duo of Mark Foster and Bruce Hutson in straight sets to win the title fair and square.

“I don’t know, it’s like we didn’t even show up for the match,” said an exasperated Hutson.

His partner, Mark Foster said, “I spun my racquet a couple of times and next thing we know — they’re the champs — it’s fine… I have to get to a hockey game, anyway.”

Why would anyone even care about a Consolation Championship?
Not since Chris Crosse was featured on a Cedar Club Consolation plaque (and subsequently nailed to the bottom of the poker table) has there been as much hubbub…  perhaps it’s simply because the actual championship bracket featured a pairing between two teams from outside of The Cedar Club.

Former TCC member, Erik Zipp (Western Racquet) and his partner Johnathan Bloom (Town Club) outdistanced Mike Aiken (Bluemound Elite) and his partner Jeff White (Bluemound Elite) for the Smack! Title.

See, just not that important.

So where was Bayliss?
Curiously enough, defending Smack Champion Andrew Bayliss was scheduled to be Farley’s partner for the event, but decided last minute that supporting the birth of his new baby daughter was more important than spending the day with a hack paddle player.

Said Bayliss, “Farley’s a great guy ‘n all, but let’s face it, he’s really only consolation championship material — and that’s not really my thing.”

[ EDITOR’S NOTE:  Mom, dad and baby doing well… Anna even said having a baby was “easier than she expected”.  She’s recovering quickly. The Bayliss’ had a baby girl.. Maya Elizabeth Bayliss. ]

20th Anniversary of Smack!
Nick Curran, founder of the Smack! Tournament put on another stellar party, complete with wings and ribs from Sendiks, moving most of the action from Town Club back over to the Cedar Club on a perfectly overcast paddle day.

“You can’t beat the comradarie, or the freakin’ favor for this year, which set me back about $90 a pop.” Curran commented.  And, he was right, the Stio Saratoga Cord Shirt given to participants set a new standard for paddle swag.

Said a svelte and giddy Brett Smith, “I’m wearing a large…. and I look good!”

Farley sucking up to Curran and Arvold.

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