Bayliss/Oakes crowned champs.

Andrew Bayliss and his partner, Ryan Oakes, successfully took the TCC Fall Classic title for 2019 this past Saturday.  For Bayliss, it was his third Fall Classic Championship (tieing Brett Smith for most all time)… and for Oakes, his first trip to the coveted winner’s circle. They fought off the team of Dan Einhorn and Matt Monroe in a two set match.  

“There’s no beating that guy, Oakes… I mean, Bayliss.” cursed Einhorn.

The three-time champ had this to say about the match, “Mid-way through the first match warmup, I knew I’d drawn a winner. Mr. Oakes played great paddle all day, and I simply hitched my wagon to the horse and enjoyed the ride. I’d like to thank S.H.I.T. for keeping Mr. Oakes severely under-ranked at least through the first tournament of the season, and Einhorn for letting us win quickly enough that I was only 5 minutes late for dinner.”

In the Consolation bracket, the team of Nobody Cares and Someother Schmuck found their way back from an early first round defeat to an impressive Loser’s Bracket title, sure to be remembered for years to come.

Only our beloved President was the only casualty of the day, as his face was bruised and bloodied in one of the day’s earlier matches.

As always, a good time was had by all.

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Thanks, Jerry Zavorka!