Thanks to Dale for getting the ball rolling on the Fall Classic.  Since there are several new members, let me supply some more details.  The SCCC (Secret Committee for the Club Championship) has had a couple informal meetings regarding the event.  Here is what we know

 Some quick basics first…this is an A/B tournament, so typically the best player is paired with the lowest ranked player…the second highest ranked player is paired with the second lowest ranked player, etc…(see below for slight modification to that)

  • The event is on December 7th.  That is a Saturday, and will begin at 8 AM.  The finals are usually around 6 PM, so if you are good (and play well), it is a full day.
  • We will try to get as many matches as possible at the Cedar Club, but typically consolation matches and some first round matches will be off site.
  • The SCCC will provide Breakfast, lunch and a mid afternoon snack/dessert
  • There will be a favor (you WILL like it)
  • Entry fee is $70
  • There may be a random draw for the seeding (still under discussion)
  • There will be a draft (tentatively on Wednesday, December 4th).  The “B” player will draft his “A” partner this year.

Scenes from last year’s Fall Classic

At this draft there may be a chili cookoff….there may be a rib challenge….there may be an opportunity to bet on the Virginia/Purdue basketball game or the Bucks/Pistons game.

  • See bullet point above…you do not need to find a partner, you will draft one or be drafted…just sign up
  • Everyone is guaranteed at least 2 matches
  • All main draw matches will have AD scoring and typical best 2 out of 3 sets.  Consolation matches will be a 10 game pro-set.
  • There will be a modified RED ZONE in play this year….you will like this, and it is a fan favorite (heckling and provoking to go for it is encouraged), and the “modification” will be interesting…details to follow
  • There will be plenty of adult beverages
  • The bullhorn might make an appearance
  • The “B” player might again get the opportunity to hit 2 serves everytime
  • All matches will be entered into the SH&T system at double points, so just like your golf handicap, tournament scores matter more than typical league play.
  • You can’t sign up after the draft…so letting me know at 9 PM Friday, December 6th is not going to work out for you….let me know IN/OUT ASAP.

I am looking for a new member to join the SCCC.  If you are ranked lower than 50 and want to be a part of the process, let me know. I am looking for a guy with “ideas” and ability to recruit.  We had a record 48 members for the Spring Classic…let’s get there again