I will be out of town over the next couple of weeks and wanted to share a few items.

  1. I was able to hire someone to clear the courts, deck, and parking lot.  He will come when there is over 2” of snow.  If the snow less than 2”, go ahead and start the heaters and use the shovels to clear the snow if necessary.
  2. If there are heater issues, call Albiero Plumbing at 262.334.5000.  Ask for Denise to place a service call. 
  3. We have a ground fault outlet on the east end of court one that occasionally trips.  I’m working with our electrician to possibly move the outlet so it’s easier to reset, but for now, if someone experiences this, you will need to crawl under the court to reset.  The outlet in question is inside the entrance to the bottom of the court right under the Einhorn box.  Take your iPhone for a light and a pen to reset the outlet.

Thanks for your patience as we work through a few maintenance details.

Remember, December 7th is the Fall Classic.  Always a great day at t5he club.  Please be sure to let Dan Einhorn know if you plan on playing.


— The Board