27-27 tie!

The Town Club had turned our Cedar Club team upside down for the past two years, but in a sign of encouraging news, the charity paddle tournament ended in a draw!

But, true to form, we like to dig a little deeper to uncover the truths between Town Club and The Cedar Club for bragging rights on which club is actually Wisconsin’s Finest.

As usual, it’s just a fact that our top players are better than their top players — as evidenced by our First Flight match score of 6 wins to 3.  That’s Brock/Brogan, Arvold, Duke and Lynch/Regenfuss each winning 2 out of 3 matches.

Our Second Flight also went 6-3 (good going, Einhorn/Miles, MullFeldman and Colin/Gabriel)!

It’s notoriously our mid flight players and last flight players where Town wins matches… and in this case, the newly added 6th Flight need to win only one match to give TCC the victory.  Alas, all three pairings got bageled 0-3 (Swensohn/Joy, Kass/Marks and Wawrsyn/Potokar). 

Had this not been a charitable event, serious consideration would have bene given to revoking their membership.




I want to thank you all for participating in the event.  We raised a ton of money for charity, and hopefully you enjoyed your matches.

Attached are the results.  As you can see the flights were very competitive, and about half from the first five flights made it to a third set.

At the end of the day we won 27 matches….and lost 27 matches… we won 621 games and lost 624 games.

In the bonds,


See the match scores…

11.2.19 TC Globall Schedule