Platform Tennis Not Immune from Fake News

On a blog post titled, “2019 State Closed Champs” back on April 10th, 2019, the wrong teams were declared winners of the tournament.  Note, that’s winners, with and “s”.

The winning pairing in the Men’s A were Andrew Bayliss and Mike Deam over Eric Arvold and Brett Smith.

The winners of the Men’s B were Bryan Miles and Jeff White, while the Ladies championship went to Emily and Sara McCay over Catherine Williams and Mindy Bell- Grenier.

What’s fascinating about the original story is that the writer, story editor and administrator (aka Mike Farley) didn’t get a single champion correct.  With a small field, that’s tough to do.

How could this be?

A personal bias against these championship athletes; a desire to affect outcomes; perhaps a deep-seated animosity toward anyone capable of winning a tournament — something that’s escaped Mr. Farley for almost a decade.

Or is he just that inept?

One last curiosity is this… the original tournament was scheduled for early April, but it wasn’t played until the end of April — and yet, the blog date is April 10th.  Perhaps Mr. Farley, who did manage to win the pot at the TCC Men’s Championship for his predictions was counting on continuing his Nostradamus-like abilities to be accurate a second time.

Alas, they were not.  Apologies to one and all.


P.S> Funny, it took Mike Deam to recognize the errors, who then contacted Brett Smith, who then contacted Mike Farley to force the corrections … just under four months after the inaccurate post! Good to know that your blog posts get read — eventually.