Well, it’s official.

The final rankings for the Men’s League are out and many are NOT happy.

Scheduling and ranking is the most challenging aspect of running the Cedar Club.  The handoff from Curt Lundeen to Brad Schmieding and the implementation of Schmieding Highly Intuitive Technology for 2019 was almost seamless.

Bravo, Curt and Brad!

However, in its first year of operation, the S.H.I.T. System has proven to be even more effective at pushing the buttons that get an optimum number of players perturbed at their own ranking.

Emblematic of this consternation is the normally mild mannered Scott Molepske, (yes, the CPA), who was dumbfounded to be the lowest ranked player on the court in a recent Spring match. “Bolliger is ahead of me?  How can that EVEN be?” What’s more, the news so devastated him that, like a nervous tick, he transformed into Maria Sharapova Mode in grunting after every shot — no matter how weak the effort.

“Deal with it.” was Bolliger’s response (now ranked two spots higher than Molepske).

David Brock’s no.1 status was quickly relinquished to Andrew Bayliss who claimed the number one spot for the second year in a row, primarily due to scored open paddle matches after the club tourney.  The real kicker is seeing some wiley veterans have their Top 20 Membership revoked for the first time in a decade — including Squirrel, Peter Drake and J-Mart, who dropped to an embarrassing #31 ranking.

Still, ahead of Mike Farley… so he’s got that going for him.

Fall Classic B-Champion Patrick Jost saw his stock rise from pre-season “dead last” to the number 61 ranked player — 23 spots of upward movement!  Apparently his initial try-out was sandbagged, but still, that’s a lot of places to jump and a championship too boot — worthy of the Club’s Most Improved Player.

See below… to see how you fared in the S.H.I.T. System.  Don’t be too up or down, though, there’ll be a pre-season ranking for this Fall that’s likely to destroy these rankings, just as in year’s past.

Download a printable sheet > 2019-CC-rankings