In a smaller than usual field, the Wisconsin State Closed Platform Tennis Championships were played on Saturday, April 6th at the Town Club in Milwaukee.
The pairings for a round robin style tournament were these:

Erica Zipp & Jill Curran
Sara & Emily MacKay (actual champions)
Catherine Williams & Mindy Grenier
Mindy Pelisek & Linda MacKay

MEN’S B’s 
Jeff White & Steve Mandella
Bryan Miles & Bob Larson (actual champions)
Adam Pearson & Steve Wollersheim
Tom Lehman & Dave Recknagle
Eric McNally & Rick Allen

Zipp & Foster — Champions
Pecor & Feldman
Deam & Bayliss (actual champions)
Smith & Arvold
Vuk & DeMaagd
Smith & Pollack