This just in…

…due to some late injuries, just prior to tonight’s Club Championship Draft Party (10pm).  Anticipated no.1 pick Ryan Cooley, now gets first pick IN THE DRAFT.  

“I was salivating at the chance of having two serves being the B-player,” said Cooley, “thanks to my brother (Sean), now I have to play the A — no more advantage for me.”

The only real question is whether or not the draft changes anything from the 1-and-80 method of previous years. 

“Who’s going to break from the order?” said Steve Haller, “That guy is going to feel pretty snubbed.”

Worried the new no.1 pick, Troy Roberts, “If I don’t go number one, I’ll be crushed.” 

Perhaps this draft will be a work in progress.  Here’s to the new format and for a great night tonight!