Hey, boys,

Looking forward to a great event.

We are up to 48 confirmed participants…YEAH

Let me give you some more details following our committee meeting.

Entry fee will remain at $60

  1. The draft will take place at 10 PM on Thursday, March 21
  2. There are no seeds, and we will randomly draw for placements within the bracket
  3. We will serve Breakfast (bagels)
  4. We will serve Lunch (the Taco Guy Truck)
  5. There will be dessert (Nicky is handling)
  6. We will get as many matches as possible at the Cedar Club, but will have to have some matches off-site
  7. All matches in the main draw will be 2 out of 3 sets.  We will play AD scoring
  8. The consolation matches will be 9 game pro-sets
  9. In ALL matches, the B player will get 2 serves.  Obviously, if the first serve goes in, there is no need for a second serve.
  10. Anyone who is not entered (spreadsheet attached for you to check) will be put on a waiting list for the event.  We will add people up until Thursday in groups of 2, so there is an even number
  11. There will be a massage therapist on site from Muscle Movement Therapy
  12. The gift is ordered…you will like it
  13. There is a chance I forgot something…. So might have more info coming.

How does the draft work?

If we stay at 48 guys, that makes 24 teams.

Whomever is 24th rated in the draw drafts first.  Right now that is Bobby O’Neill.  He can choose anyone he wants from the bottom 24 guys.  Kurt Doman drafts next, and so on….

If you are attending the draft, you can pick your guy.  If you can’t attend, you will be assigned the next highest guy on the ladder.  Not sure why anyone would not want to attend… it should be a good night with the NCAA Tournament kicking off.

After the draft, we will have a random draw placing the teams in the bracket.  This will be done live as well.




Printable Scouting Report > 2019-Draft

Just in case you wanted it to feel more like the NFL draft, you can see what kind of team you’d be — picking at the spot that you are now. 

Way to go, Bob O’neil… you’re paddle play is the equivalent of the Phoenix Cardinals!