From Sunday night through Wednesday morning, the snow just kept coming — more than a foot of super heavy “wet stuff”.  Thanks to our crack snow removal crew (aka The Farley Boys), ladies matches could be played Monday night and while Tuesday matches were confined to only Court 1, by 4pm the following day, Court 2 and the deck areas were clear and ready for action!  

“Thank God for Schroeder’s snowblower,” remarked Harry Farley.  “I was dying.”

A snow blower, safe for paddle courts, was brought over by Schroeder Contractor Extraordinaire, Steve Klafke, on Wednesday morning.

“I had Harry working on Scott’s place, but when I heard that Court 2 wasn’t clear yet, I sent him over with the blower.  My match takes priority over the hockey rink.”

It takes a lot of work both inside and outside of the Cedar Club to keep everything running smoothly.  Thanks to everyone who pitched in to keep everything operating. 

Even with the snowblower, it was not easy work as you can see by this video footage.