Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the matches or play of the Thursday Night Men’s League.  It’s intensely competitive, but primarily, it’s just plain fun… fun to participate in and fun to watch.

Maybe too fun?

In what is being described as a “hell freezing over” moment, Women’s League members, who enjoy playing on Friday mornings, ironically found an entire frozen pizza, literally, frozen to the ground in the middle of the parking lot.

“We were shocked,” said a surprised Deb Schachenman.

“I don’t really have words,” added Annie Farley.

“We can only guess that some poor slob,” pontificated Deb Doughty, “just dropped a fully cooked pizza after a match and left it — in the middle of the parking lot — we were in hysterics.”

Steve “Squirrel” Mayer, upon learning of the catastrophe, was equally flummoxed, “What self-respecting guy leaves a perfectly good Orv’s sausage pizza on the ground?  Ever heard of the five second rule?”

Shaming the culpable parties of the Thursday Night Men’s League even further, the ladies found the backdoor unlocked and the bar area less than at peak cleanliness… in fact, bottles were everywhere. (sigh)

There are plenty of suspects, but no culprits have been identified at this time.

NOTE FROM ON HIGH: If you’re the last in the garage for the night, leave the place FAR better than you found it.  Clean up after yourselves — someone is always coming in after you — and by all means, LOCK UP!

— or else!