“Did I not say that I would take Russ kicking and screaming into the Reprieve bracket?”

The only thing that can be said for his predictive powers is that he is a very good judge of first round talent.  From there, a Rhesus Monkey could have predicted that Andrew Bayliss and Rick Allen would win the A-B tournament.  

“I’ve seen A-B tournaments before,” said Super B-minus participant Mark Mentzer, “and that ain’t no A-B match up.”

Stifling that talk was Executive Tournament Director Nick Curran, “Completely legit… everyone knows that Rick is a solid B+.”

Andrew Bayliss is the current no.1 player at The Cedar Club, and Rick Allen, the no.7 player — a S.H.I.T. ranking of 8.  The next closest power ranking was Einhorn-Brock at 20.

Controversy aside, Team Baywatch did manage to win the coveted tournament crown over Mr. Consistency, Erik Zipp, and his partner (John or Don) Bloom.  Perhaps the bigger news was that the Consolation Championship was won by Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King (Dave Pelicek and Emily McKay).

“That gal can flat out play,” said Brett Smith.   

Reprieve Champions were Dan Einhorn and Gary Feldman, while the Super Smack (aka Super Suck) Champions were Westsiders Madella and Larson. 

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The actual bracket…