It took three sets to do it, but #1 seed Eric Arvold, paired with #81 Patrick Jost defeated #16 Jason Wier and his partner, veteran #49 Bobby Sheehy.  The two-time club Champion, Arvold, had never won the Fall Classic.

“I wasn’t sure what to think, being paired with Patrick,” commented Arvold, “but once I saw he was left handed, as well, I knew we’d be unstoppable.”

As great as the day’s play was, the weather couldn’t have been any better, with blue skies and a 20 degree temperature.  Couple that with great food and even better socializing and you have a great day, no matter how you finished the day.

In the Consolation Championship, #18 Jim Carlos and #57 Mike Jelinski notched the victory over #13 Byron Gabriel and #64 David Florsheim — in a match no one will remember.

Gyros was the unexpected change of pace for food, much to the chagrin of Out-n-Out.

In related play, the normally skittish Sammy the Doodle put up a good fight against Great Dane teenage monster, Shepp… but ultimately left the deck and was disqualified against his much larger and unruly competitor.


Up next?  Players should begin securing A-B partners for the festivities of Smack! (Held on the Saturday just before the Super Bowl).  Know that top A’s and B’s are going fast!