Andrew Bayliss and Jon WIllems combine paddle and interpretive dance in last year’s Fall Classic.

Saturday, December 8th

Each year, early in December, the inaptly named “Fall Classic” Men’s Tournament, gets underway.  Players simply enter and get paired with a partner based on their current TCC ranking (2018-19_TCC-Rankings-3). Top players team up with the lowest ranked players (1 & 80, 2 & 79, etc.).  It’s a great equalizer and ensures that every team has the opportunity to win.

The defending champions, T.J. Strachota and Brad Brogan are unlikely to be partners again, so count on a new championship duo.   

WIll it be you?

There’s still time to get signed up, but not much.  Let President Dale Borowiak know that you are interested ASAP!