Finally, the new rankings are out, ushering in the Schmieding Era at the Cedar Club.  Secret talks have been underway for weeks now, as the Lundeen 3000 furor has finally given way to Schmieding Highly Intuitive Technology (The S.H.I.T. System) which, according to his predecessor, Curt Lundeen, promises to be “better than anything you’ve ever seen for handling cry-baby paddle players… in the country.”

Thank you, Curt!

…and now, the Rankings…
Eric Arvold ascended to his rightful spot at the throne of the TCC by bumping off Andrew Bayliss who moves back to no.2.  Brad Brogan, unhappy with his no.11 pre-season placement, decided to simply crush all in his path to move up 6 spots to no.5, just behind “Mr. Encryption,” David Brock.

Dan Einhorn moved back to into the Top 20, which means that there won’t be any chirping from his camp for a month.  However, Jason Martone dropped back to no.23, so he’ll be covering for Einhorn — restoring balance to the Club. Two huge movers to discuss were Buchanon & Haller, the new crime fighting duo, moving up 12 and 10 spots respectively, in just one month of play.  Too bad we don’t know these newbies by their first names.

Lastly, the fact that Mike Showalter dropped 6 spots to no.85, had nothing to do with his flame-thrower email delivered just last week that incited so much “discussion” in the Club… or did it?

Keep recording your scores after matches.  New rankings scheduled to be out just before the Fall Classic on Saturday, December 8th!