You want to be at the club by 6pm on Thursday.

OK, the season is still early, but if you’re looking for a great match to watch, the top four ranked players in our club are playing in the 6 o’clock match on Thursday, November 15th.  Eric Arvold and David Brock will be battling Andrew Bayliss and Mike Deam for bragging rights.  Every level of player can learn a thing or two from these guys… or simply be mesmerized by their shot making abilities.

Eric Arvold is the sole lefty in the bunch, which puts him on the deuce side of the court.  He’s steadily been the the best or one of the player at the club for many years, having won the Club Championship twice, as well as Smack! twice.

Andrew Bayliss has a huge serve and moves exceptionally well for a “big guy”.  He’s got game in every aspect and is a two time Fall Classic champion.

Mike Deam is the guy that no ones ever heard of because he seldom plays TCC tournaments.  But he’s as consistent as they come, being the perpetual no.3 guy at the club.  He likes the deuce court, so look for him to set up shop there and drive.

David Brock is our fiery three-time Club Champion and in the no.4 spot. When his game is on, he can literally take over a match.  Get ready for some rocket returns!

What’s more, the Packer game will be kicking off at 7:20, so the paddle gods have really done their part in putting the night together.  Throw in some home cooked chicken chili, the Vodka Alliance and other fixin’s that may be tossed into the pot and you’ve got a truly all-star night!

Match-of-the-year player David Brock had this to say, “The last Thursday night gameI I watched at the club, this happened…”


Come on up and join us… bring your wife, your girlfriend, or a new recruit! 

p.s. > On Court 2, at the same time, will be the match of Farley/Hale vs. Martone/Provancher…. who are considering playing naked to draw some attention away from Court 1.