Sadly, that’s David — not Dan.

David Einhorn, older brother to Cedar Club legend, Dan Einhorn, recently finished in 6th place (just one place out of the money) in Las Vegas.  The nationally televised World Series of Poker’s “Big One for One Drop” tournament is a $1,000,000 buy in for the chance to win $10,000,000.

Pretty serious stuff, but the older, wiser and far more handsome Einhorn had prepped for this tournament with Professional poker player Jonathan Little.  Take a listen to this interview from PokerNews.

In 2012, he took 3rd in this same event and won over $4,000,000 for his efforts. This year, he was playing for charity on behalf of “Service Year“.  Check out the link if you’d like to know more.

So the real question to ask is, “When playing late night poker at TCC with Dan, are you really playing David? Or is it just Dan?”