I have asked Curt to not worry about scheduling any longer.  A big thanks to Curt for performing this task.  Thank you Curt!!

Consider the season over.  You can continue to schedule the courts for matches with buddies, or get folks to go up for open paddle.  There will be no Open paddle next Saturday as we will be using the club for the state closed tournament.  Good luck to those of you participating.

On another note.  Someone dropped off a Jeff Janis signed picture that assumed we wanted at the club.  The club is not somewhere you drop off items you do not want.  It’s also time to stop and make sure you don’t have any hats, gloves, jackets etc, that have been left.  I will be making my run to Goodwill with any items left behind.   The kegerator behind the bar has been unplugged for the summer.  There is a fresh keg of BL in the white kegerator.  Both keg lines have been cleaned.

Dan Einhorn- Please get Globall items out of the club house.

Enjoy your summer!!!

Dale Borowiak
TCC President