Back 40 Tourney kicks April’s ass.

For any administrators asleep on the job, it was yesterday.  While other paddle groups reportedly elected to stay home due to the unseasonably harsh April weather, the indomitable Back 40 pressed ahead.

Freezing rain? No problem.  Gusting 25 mile an hour winds?  They provide even greater likelihood our erratic shots will stay in, though it was a new feeling to have the wind blow the paddle off course mid swing.  Unskilled partners?  Change them often.  At least we didn’t have to contend with morning sun in the eyes.  There is no negativity at the Back 40!

When asked about playing amid such foul weather, Eric Zoromski gruffly replied, “It’s the Back 40 — not the Back Out 40!”

Due to a spate of season ending injuries, eight hearty competitors slogged it out, playing multiple round robin matches.  With the State Closed, well, closed, and lacking anywhere else to watch stellar paddle, a large crowd of hecklers showed up… Alright, it was just BMak and his dog, but that’s 2 more spectators than last year!

We had an all Northern European final… Schwenny/Swathout (say three times fast) against Lucke/Zoromski.  Westriech, Showalter, Laughlin and Edwards elected to forego the consolation match, as there is no consolation in playing the undercard match of the Back 40, especially in the rain.  The well earned championship belongs to Schwenny/Swathout for storming back to win the final 3 games.

BMak dominated the Sheepshead contest and we wrapped up a successful paddle day, or so I thought.

In my Rodney Dangerfield moment, I returned home to find an email from our website administrator, declaring season ending awards on a supremely crummy “non-paddle playing day”.  Au contraire! I can see how Brock got that chip on the shoulder.

Bragging rights for perseverance officially accepted by the Back 40!  See you next year!

— Dave Lucke