It’s been since 2012 that the Club Championship fell on St. Patty’s Day.

For those of you with good memories, that’s the year Beany & Curt (a kids show from the 60’s), both wore 10-gallon Irish hats on the court — and for something magical that has only happened once in Club history…

Two mid-level players won the Club Championship — Will Mrotek and John Lindstrum went the entire distance over the likes of Arvy, Beany, Duke and others.  One begins to think that the only road to the championship is to be paired with a Top 5 ranked player so that you can work your magic on your feeble 1/3rd of the court, while they hoggishly take over the match.

What Will and John did that day proves that it can be done.  So, for anyone ranked from 20 to 50… you could be this year’s champion!  However, odds have it that you will flame out in either the second match or vie for the coveted Consolation Championship Runner-Up spot!

This year’s draw yet to be determined (watch for pairings later this week)… matches start this Saturday morning!  Good luck, all!