Town Club retains GloBall Title over the Cedar Club 23-19

On a sunny and warm, brilliant blue sky Saturday morning, the hope of re-capturing the GloBall Milwaukee Paddle Title (Cedar Club vs. Town Club) was exceedingly high for the TCC.  Event organizer and Team Captain Dan Einhorn had put together exhaustive research in establishing a line-up of five flights of three teams each to take on the formidable Town Club team.

“I see us bringing home the trophy… it’s a line-up that can’t lose.”

Too bad the title was gone almost before it got underway… of the first 14 matches played by 10 0’clock, the Town Club had won 12!  By the end of the day, the shame of TCC’s 4th Flight was evident, putting up a goose egg against Town Club losing all 9 matches.

Matt Demet, Andrew Haag, Dave Jenkins, Bobby Sheehy, Rich Clague and Matt Moeser, was there a party we didn’t hear about?

One would have thought all were hung-over given a performance like that.  With 42 matches for the entire tournament, the Cedar Club would need to win over 70% of the remaining matches to win this coveted title.  Although a valiant effort was made in coming back, our crew won 60% of these remaining matches to fall just a few short of the total needed to win the crown.

Scarlet and Dan share a moment at GloBall 2018

In the end, the match play tournament was once again, top notch — great food, better socializing, heckling and straight up fun.  If you get the chance next year, donate your money, your sporting goods, your time and your paddle play to this tournament.

Get on a team and “paddle with a purpose.”

See our gallery of some of the action here > VIEW


CEDAR CLUB                                      TOWN CLUB
Bayliss/Deam         3-0             Bell/Pelisek         2-1
Welch/Cooley         2-1             Pecor/Smith       1-2
Arvold/Smith          1-2            Aiken/Harris        0-3

TOTALS                        6-3                                                      3-6

CEDAR CLUB                                          TOWN CLUB
Allen/Mayer                   1-2        Long/Pollack         3-0
Mull/Einhorn                  1-2        Short/Frank          3-0
Knoernschild/Martone   0-3        D’Souza/Klug        1-2

TOTALS                                   2-7                                                  7-2

CEDAR CLUB                                        TOWN CLUB
Carlos/Schroeder     2-1             Gardner/Watson        3-0
Lehmann/Farley       2-1            Maxon/Reckmeyer      0-3
Mule/Gebhardt         2-1            Cox/Hayes                  0-3

TOTALS                           6-3                                                              3-6

CEDAR CLUB                                      TOWN CLUB
Demet/Haag           0-3            Haller/Haller         3-0
Jenkins/Sheehy      0-3            Robbins/Burke       3-0
Clague/Moeser       0-3            Bloom/Stalle          3-0

TOTALS                        0-9                                                        9-0

CEDAR CLUB                                                TOWN CLUB
Feldbruegge/Potokar          3-0        Ellsworth/Moede        2-1
Lucke/Florsheim                2-1         Brengel/Wright         0-2*
Larson/Siefkes/Edwards    0-2*        Schutz/Nelson           0-3

TOTALS                                       5-3                                                          2-6

* Three game scores were not counted in the final tally — why?  Because apparently Aaron Gardner is not very thorough in his record keeping and wants some controversy in this grudge match (5 flights x 9 matches = 45 matches, but a game score of 23+19=42 is three short).

Still, 23 wins is a 5-flight victory, but note to Mr. Gardner, “Town Club math is not what it’s cracked up to be and always keep the green highlighter pen handy.”

GloBall raises funds for charity

After setting up for the entire day, the big finale after the Paddle Club Bragging Rights Tournament, is the Black-lighting of the Courts.  Curt Lundeen, Tom Lehmann and Aaron Gardner were instrumental in pulling of this extension cord extravaganza that turns two paddle courts into “walking into the movie Tron”.

Used sporting goods donations were taken and a raffle drawing was held for items like a Brewers 4-pack of tickets, courtside seats at a Bucks game and a signed jersey from Giannis Antetokounmpo, among others items.  Winners will be contacted by Dan Einhorn.

Thanks to all of the ladies and kids who arrived for the event!