For the past five years, the diligent staff (me) of The Cedar Club has been capturing, collecting, preserving and displaying the likenesses of all of the members of the club on the Members Page.

Why? So that you don’t have to sound like an ass because you have no idea of the name of the person you are playing with.

Just check the site, see his face and wallah, you know the guy (or at least act like you know the guy) instead of continually saying, “Way to go, partner” or worse yet, simply waiting for some other guy to compliment him on a shot that never seems to materialize.

It’s in that light that the Men’s League has every member accounted for except for two (not counting Jose Gutierrez who no one is sure if he ever actually existed) — Steve Pulito (#79) and Luke Miller (#85).

Have you spotted them recently?  On a court?  Or just out in the back woods near the swamp?

I have my doubts.