The Town Club’s Tom Bell and former Cedar Club member Aaron Gardner took this year’s Smack! title over Scott Schroeder (you’re left to figure out which Scott Schroeder) and Chris Gambino in three sets! Mike White and the feisty Tom Lehmann won the Reprieve, while the team of Aiken/Frank took the Consolation Championship.  Not to be outdone, Super Suck, er… Super Smack! was won by the Team Emmert/Massa.

Nick Curran, tournament director noted from his deathbed, that it the tournament was “tons of fun” and that there are still favors for sale if anyone would like one, “I have 2 larges, and 4 XL’s….$40 per.”

Andrew Bayliss/Rick Allen vs. Mark Foster/Bruce Hutson at Milwaukee Country Club.

Duke and Jim Carlos take on Mike Lynch and his partner at an early MCC match.

A not-so-elusive Squirrel sighting.