The TCC’s top foursome have been set since the first snow fall with Bayliss, Arvold, Dean and Beany — that’s really nothing new — but the continued fall of Duke from 2 to 9 in 2017 has us wondering if the most decorated champion is past his prime?  We suspect not, but when Squirrel is legitimately 2 spots away (at no.11) without whining for it, one has to wonder.


More interesting, however, is the slow and steady rise of the TCC’s most unsung player, Jason Wier.  Ranked no.27 just a year ago, Jason now sits at no.17 with J-Mart, the Chocolatier and the truculent Rick Allen in his sites.


After a year of blood, sweat and tears, Dan Einhorn cracked the top 20 to start off 2018 (having done so once before, just prior to the Fall Classic of 2016).  This would be an enormous achievement for Dan, were it not for the rapid departure of Cairo Wasfy and Jose Guiterrez — come-to-think-of-it, even Tom Lehmann is ranked 21st, so how good could Einhorn actually be?


The most boring collection of players come from the 20’s. These same guys keep fighting for the same spots each week — moving up or down a place or two.  Farley, Mrotek, Lehmann, Borowiak, Jenkins, Dermond, Provancher, Hitler, Hale, Doman, Demet…  It’s sad really — they all dream of being in the low teens, but like Duke once sardonically said to Mr. Farley, “it’ll never happen.”


Good news for Tom Gelin, who finally broke into the top 50, sitting at no.49. Will he rise to Top 40 by the end of the year?  That largely depends on a host of journeymen paddlers’ committing themselves back to the game, or simply tossing in with the Vodka Alliance.

Fast Freddie Westreich’s roller coaster year continues — from no.72 last year, to as high as no.55 this year, now back down to no.63 and falling.  The good news is that smack-talking Steve Klafke is there to break his fall.


Not to be missed, Mr.80 (aka Brad Schmieding — ranked 80th for four months in a row) jumped up 5 places to no.75 because of his fine net play in recent weeks.  Will the Christmas turkey have gotten the best of him, or will 2018 be Brad’s breakout year?

Only time will tell for us all!

Remember, Smack!, Glow-Ball and the TCC Championship are right around the corner.  Take a look at the current rankings and begin your strategy for A and B players and perhaps this year, will be your year to be crowned a champion!

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