50+ degrees in December?  It must have been the TCC Fall Classic!

And on such a fantastic day, long time runner-up Brad Brogan finally delivered on his quest for a championship.

“It felt fantastic,” commented Brogan’s partner, T.J. Strachota. “Brogan was a great partner who let me play my game and didn’t make me stand in a corner the whole time.”

And what a championship match!  Brogan/Strachota defeated TCC poster boy Andrew Bayliss and his go-stand-in-the-corner partner, Jon Willems, in a 7-6 tie-breaker in the third set.  Team Brogan had to get through Farley/Bolliger in a three set match in the semis, while Bayliss handled Smith/Feldbreugge to get to their side of the title match.

Brad, the consulate gentleman commented, “T.J. took all the B-player abuse and returned it two-fold. The support from the peanut gallery was what kept us motivated.”

As always, tournament director Don Welch helped move along the play and got the Out & Out in place, while President Dale Borowiak added Master of Ceremonies to his credentials.  Thanks also go out to Brett Smith and Tom Lehman for their work on the Army-inspired favors.  Beany also added pizza’s late in the day for the football crowd and hat’s off to Big Z for stopping in with McDonalds cheeseburgers and hamburgers.

The Consolation Championship went to sand-baggers Steph Dermond and his partner, Randy Hopper.

No matter how you slice it, the 2017 TCC Fall Classic was a great event… added Strachota, “The heckling was great all day, and the championship match introductions got me pumped — even if President Dale mispronounced and misspelled my last name all day.”

Never at a loss for words and a chance to promote the next major event, President Borowiak added, “Please mark your calendars.  We always play the Club Championship the first Saturday of March Madness (March 17, 2018).  It would be awesome to get 50-60 of our league members in the Championship.”

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