Here’s how you handle it.

Yesterday, long time member Peter Drake, was faced with a real dilemma: he had a 6pm match scheduled, but there was a significant fire at his workplace.  I know, tough call… go to the match, but look insensitive to your workers, or save human lives, but crush the spirit of fellow TCC members?

What’s a guy to do?

Peter instantly put out an e-mail to members near his ranking (15 up and 15 down from where you’re at) with a clear note as to his need and when his match was.  Another handy tip is to look at the schedule and find someone playing in a match just before or after your own match.  Guys who are already at the Club make good candidates for sticking around and picking up a second match.

This was precisely the case, as current TCC President Dale Borowiak answered Peter’s distress call and took the match.  Problem averted… oh, and everyone got out safe at Blommer Chocolate — AND, Chicago was treated to the delightful smells of hot cocoa.

Lastly, Mark Mentzer, provided the appropriate amount of sarcasm for the situation by commenting in the e-mail thread, “As long as no one is talking about vodka here, we should be good…”

Link to fire story >