The 2017-2018 Cedar Club Platform Tennis Men’s League season is underway!  The ladder is filled with 86 players, with 10 new faces to learn this year.  Big wins and surprising losses are already in the books (er, laptop) including the kick-off match (video above) of no.1 Eric Arvold and no.2 Brett Smith vs. no.3 Andrew Bayliss and no.4 Mike Deam.  There must have been something in the water, going against the “system” of top and bottom ranked players on the same team in the match.  None-the-less, underdogs Bayliss and Deam took apart the top seeds, 4 and 3!

Woody Alverson even stopped by to check out a rare 1,2,3,4 match.

Matches from Tuesday to Thursday all prove to be just as formidable, as the genius of the Lundeen 3001 pits you against a perfect opponent each week.  Newcomer Jon Willems commented, “Played my first match ever last night.  Loved it!”

Jon, it’s the feeling we have just about every week. 

Even the previously maligned Steph Dermond pleaded for a fifth set in his match Thursday night with Jason Wier, Mike Farley and Dave Jenkins.  Wier and Farley had already played three and four set matches earlier in the night.  What leads guys who can barely take out the trash to be so fervent in their paddle play?

There’s just something about this game.

What’s your reason?