The Greater Milwaukee Paddle Community has been growing rapidly over the last 2 -3 years. Town Club has over 100 men on their ladder. The Cedar Club has 86 guys on its ladder. Brookfield Elite has seen their numbers rise and Western Racquet and Chenequa Country club both added their first two courts last year. 

This is all great news. If you play paddle you understand why others would also want to play this great sport. This growth creates a lot newer people that hear about an “A” Draw and a “B” Draw and might not have a clue which draw that they should enter. Especially since The Cedar Club and the Town Club run mixed A/B draws where everyone entering has a chance to win the tournament. I will start with, this isn’t one of those kinds of tournaments. 

Here is a little assistance for our newer players and those wanting to throw their hats in the ring on May 6th.

The “A” draw is the original State Closed tournament that has been played for over 30 years. Typically the strongest players in the state would enter to play for bragging rights as the “Best Team in the State”.  A few years ago, participation dipped in this tournament. Some people aren’t interested in playing against the best talent is the state or entering a tournament that they don’t feel they have a fighting chance to win. Others might have just got bored watching Pecor find a great partner and win it with each year. This debate about the real reason for the decline will go on for years. 

While some guys enjoy the challenge of competing with the best around, others would prefer to play in a State Closed but at a level closer to their own ability.  So a few years ago we created the “B” draw. While this draw doesn’t have the bragging rights of crowning the top team in the state, it is a great day of paddle where you meet guys from other clubs and are guaranteed to play 3 matches of play. So even if you are in the last 10 – 20 spots on your clubs ladder, you should eventually find competitive matches playing guys near your ability.Regardless of which draw you are playing you will have a great day and get to watch some great paddle played.  

Everyone is welcome to sign up for the “A” Draw.  It would be great to see 20 plus teams entered into each draw.  So grab a buddy (Wisconsin resident) and enter the tournament. If you need any further assistance in determining which draw to enter, please reach out the the following people from your club and ask for assistance. 

The Cedar Club: Duke/Brett Smith
The Town Club: Aaron Gardner or Scott Pecor
Brookfield Elite: Mike White – Whiters, please forward ot the members
Western Racquet Club: Scott Muehlmeier – Mule please forward to the members
Tripoli CC: Stephen Provancher – Provo, please forward this to Tripoli members
Milwaukee CC:  ?? hopefully some will forward this to guys that play there
Chenequa CC: Tim Shaw – Tim please forward to your members

— Brett Smith