This is Steve Mayer (aka Squirrel).  He is unhappy with his current ranking.  Perhaps you have experienced a similar frustration.  Perhaps you even consider that the infallible Lundeen 3000 to actually be a ruse and that the arbitrary whims of a few dictate the self-worth of the many….

What you’re about to read has never been disclosed until now…

The inner workings of Lundeen3000

For those who have been questioning the “Mighty Man Behind the Curtain”, here is some insight to respond to the classic complaint:

Q:“HEY!!!, I won my match and I still moved down” WTF???

A: As the season goes on, player points seem to bunch up into incestrial pockets. Such is the case if you look at ranks 57-62. There are only 80 points that separate 6 players (Praefke to Bolliger) and while a guy like Jay could easily win his match, If Bolliger had a bigger win, he is going to leapfrog on top. Inversely, there are occasions when there is a big gap between just 2 spots as is the case with 1 and 2. Arvold has a commanding lead 451 point lead on Deam, mainly duke to the previous #2 player see his game flush down the toilet and vacating his point pocket. Here, the number 2 guy can crush the number 1 (Hypothetically speaking as we all know that can’t happen) and their ranks will stay the same. Bottom line, it is not a perfect system.

In the previous years I had a bigger buffer between each rank and in the interest of full disclosure, I lessened that this year. This has created a lot more controversy which is what we want, RIGHT? When Mike Farley told me he was doing a a TCC Blog, I had to do something to give him something to write about.

Should we print new T-shirts? “If you REALLY care about your ranking, this might not be the club for you”

— The Great & Powerful Oz

Take peek behind the curtain to find out just how many points you have and how many you’ll need to move up in the rankings > TCC Points

p.s. > Squirrel is currently ranked 13th, while the nearly invisible Scott Schroeder is in the 11 spot.  To date, Mr. Mayer is still in the club.

p.p.s > We find it ironic that Steve is wearing an Aaron Rodgers no.12 jersey, while stating that he is “11”. Perhaps he should find a Jeff Wentz or Sebastian Janikowski jersey before making proclamations.  Just a thought.