Paddle men,

I remember when I knew everyone at The Cedar Club. Now I feel like Woody Alverson, one of the original 5 owners who was asked by some 20 something last year, “are you new?”  My name is Nick Curran and I have had the privilege of organizing the best 1 day paddle tournament of the year, other than any tournament Beany has run of course.  It’s tough for me to compete with his favors.  If anyone needs more plastic pants, we have 40 pairs in the glass showcase next to the mouse condo. 

SMACK! is a one day tournament always played on Super Bowl Saturday.  I limit the field to 24 teams.  If I get 24 teams, then I bump it to 28 if I’m feel’n it.  I encourage you to read the attached entry form for instructions and immediate sign up!  I already have 8 teams that signed up before the official announcement (this email) went out.  This is an “A” player and “B” player tournament.  I get asked every year if I will help people find a partner.  No, just ask someone who is better than you to play and go have fun.  It’s like being in Junior High again when you have to have the courage to ask the sweater girl to the dance.  Sometimes as “A” player will say stuff like, “oh, gee, thanks soooo much for asking, but I may be playing with anyone other than you…”  Don’t be discouraged.  If that happens, just ask Mike Lynch to play.  He never gets asked because he is not a nice person. 

I will provide occasional updates leading up to the big day, so please stay tuned!  Sign up now!  Don’t wait!  Get in there!

— Nick Curran