TV6 artist’s rendering

Most think the Italians invented pizza, but it’s origins have been disputed for years.  Perhaps it was the Greeks (the word “pita”?)  Or from the Middle East (lahma bi ajeen, anyone?) But one thing is certain, no one thinks that the French had anything to do with it.

Perhaps that’s why, when Frenchy made a frozen pizza this past Tuesday night, the results are being reported as “the worst pizza of all time.”

Bob O’Neil (TV6) was first on the scene when Nicholas “Frenchy” Bruneau pulled the “cooked” pizza, still resting on the cardboard, from the oven — the crust, a soggy papery mess. “Had I a film crew, this might have been the 10 o’clock lead.”

Curt Lundeen, a noted Facebook foodie, was present, as well.  “Bob tried to save it by re-setting the oven to emergency high temp mode, but there wasn’t anything anyone could do. There isn’t a blue pill on the market that could have fixed that limp thing.”

TCC historians may note that this isn’t the first time that the pizza oven has been at the center of controversy. Some may remember, “The Fire” and “The Smash-the-Oven Aftermath”, but this blog isn’t meant to open up old wounds… it’s to open new ones. 

However, in the true Cedar Club spirit, Bruneau, O’Neil, Lundeen (and others too limp to be named) finished off the pizza, despite the culinary disaster.

“Ya, it was worst we’ve ever had… but after paddle, it’s still pizza.”