Guys…  I want to thank all of you that participated in the Christmas Challenge, formally known as Stud Night. I think it was a fun night and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Here are the final results

Team Play

1st Place – Team Beanie Bag – They were the clear heavy weights of the night – they must have pre-soaked their beans

2nd Place – Team Duken Donuts – Initially, they came on strong but experienced a sugar crash and faded away

3rd Place – Team Brogaine – Fittingly, they barely showed

4th Place – Team Defib – These guys flat lined right out of the gate

Team Beanie Bag also won the Monopoly money pot and won $480. The 2 remaining Team Beanie members at 11pm were overwhelmed by guilt and emotion, not to mention facing serious peer pressure from 9 other guys who’s money it wasn’t and winnings were donated BMac’s Wind Lake Elementary. We also raised $125 from the chili and there was a very generous donor who wrote a check adding to the pot.

Total money raised: $855


Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all

— Curt