Wondering how to get your paddle fix this Holiday Season when so many of us are out of town?  Fear not, because the TCC will host the Inaugural Holiday Draft Challenge this Thursday, December 22nd!

Although Men’s league matches for Tuesday and Wednesday have been swapped out for open paddle this week due to travel, work and injury related issues, Thursday night promises to be epic night… and you may want to reserve your hall pass! Dan Einhorn and Curt Lundeen have lined up four teams pairing off against one another. There will be some monopoly money being exchange and it will certainly be a night full of cheer and banter.

What’s more, Curt will be making a large pot of Jamaican Jerk Chili to keep everyone warm and asks for a $5 minimum donation. He “plans” on donating all proceeds to Bmac’s Phy Ed class which has very limited resources to provide rec equipment for the school.  So your night of merrymaking can be both entertaining and charitable.

The teams are as follows:

Team Defib – Cooley(Capt) / Martone, Einhorn/Bayliss, Dermond/Demet

Team Brogaine – Brogan(Capt)/Weir, Brock/Allen, Doman/Lundeen

Team Beanie Bag – Beanie(Capt)/Knoerschild, Schroeder/Provo, Regenfuss/Lehman

Team Duken Donuts – Duke(Capt)/Emac, Mull/Lynch, Mayer/Frenchy

Lundeen added, “We also will be having our first ever ‘Foot Fault Enforcement’ and shots of Jamo will be required for excessive violations. It’s going to be a fun night.”